Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Party season!

Party season is here!

We all are trying to look right in this festive season of Christmas and New year when we all party galore. Not to mention that the cool whether in India, gives us the opportunity and excuse to dig into loads of food...only to lead us to make new year resolutions of eating healthy.

Here are a few tips on how to look good and eat well too:

1. Keep a record of your daily diet.
2. Partying at home? Shop healthy
3. I know everyone loves sweet treats, but keep these tips in mind for a bright smile.
4. You love food, but you just gotta watch the scale? Remember the smart way to stay slim.
5. Drink water, its winters but it still important to keep yourself hydrated. Also those tequila shots will dehydrate you.
6. Don’t rush to get thin and don’t skip meals .
7. If you are a couch potato, get yourself moving. Walk, exercise and get ready to groove on the dance floor.
8. Parties are usually for the evening, so have a healthy lunch and snack smart in the daytime.

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