Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you go to the gym everyday?

Most of us, sign up for the gym and then forget about it in a few weeks. But what about the word 'regular' in the phrase regular exercise ??

What can we do to include exercise on a regular basis?

Choose morning workouts- so that we don’t have excuses or other diversions which usually crop up in the later part of the day. We're done with our daily activity dose right in the morning. Not to mention that its easier to burn fat on an empty stomach. Also when we kick start the day with exercise our metabolic rate increases i.e. we'll continue to use up more energy. Great for the weight watchers.

Have Variety - Having more than one interests helps you in choosing alternate activities. So that if you can't swim because of winters, at least you can play cricket in the sun. Don’t hesitate to try new activities.

Enjoy it- Choose an activity which you enjoy, so that you look forward to it the next day. You should be eager to participate.

Don't exercise, do fun-cercise!!

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