Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prevent tooth decay

Most of us have visited the dentist at some point or the other while growing up. Quite a few of us have got our cavities filled too! Oral hygiene is stressed upon but diet of the person is equally important.

A sensible diet can make dentist's visit a routine check-up instead of an ordeal. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Have sufficient vit. D, calcium and phosphorus (good for bones will be good for teeth) in your diet.

2. Snack smart- Eat less sugary snacks. Eg. Vegetable salads, bhutta (fire roasted corn cob), plain or salted lemonade, unsweetened milk, roasted nuts, cucumber salad, boiled eggs, cheese crackers, apple, pears , sprouts salad or carrot sticks.

3. Include meat and dairy in your diet. A high protein diet is often good source of minerals.

4. Reduce the intake of Phytic acid (present in grains and reduces the absorption of minerals) by soaking, sprouting and fermenting.
Note: even though oats are high in Phytic acid, the rolled oats available in the market are processed to remove it.

5. You can chew sugarless gum or Indian household mukhwaas like toasted fennel seeds- they help salivation which keeps bacteria at bay.

6. Avoid foods that cling on to the tooth viz. sticky sweet gums or chewing gums, hard candies, lollipops, chewable candies, potato chips, raisins, fries, cookies, cakes etc.

7. Avoid energy drinks & colas. They contain acids which enhance tooth decay. If you consume one, rinse your mouth immediately afterwards.

8. Avoid sugary nibbles- Have the whole dessert in one go(preferably with meals) instead of taking small helpings throughout the day. Tooth decay is hastened if continuously exposed to damaging foods (even in smaller amounts).

9. Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco - Tobacco causes tooth decay and stains apart from being the major reason of oral cancer.

Remember: What you eat affects your teeth!

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