Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cake'Walk' to better health

The lasts few post on this blog have been focused on nutrition, but now its time to talk about physical activity which goes hand in hand in shaping our lifestyle and is linked with the state of health. Eating the right foods is important , but to get the maximum health benefits we have to include exercise in our daily routine.

Today I'm going to talk about the simplest and easiest exercise of all times…Walking

Why walk?
1. A brisk walk of 30 min./day helps prevent or delay the onset of some of the major lifestyle diseases like osteoporosis,type 2 diabetes,peripheral vascular disease (PVD), cardio-vascular disease and stroke. Plus, it'll give you strong bones and toned legs.
2. It improves your blood circulation which gives a boost to all organ systems of the body including the immune system.
3. Easy to do. No training required.
4. Anytime anywhere exercise -You can walk anywhere from your own balcony to pavements to gardens and beaches.
5. No special equipments required.
6. You can do it alone. Just switch on the Ipod/ music player and you are ready to go.
7. Most sustainable activity of the lifetime. People of all ages can suitably do it and at their own pace too!
8. Flexibility of routine. If you have had food then you can walk at a slow and steady pace. If you choose mornings, then you can have a brisk pace. If you want variation, then jog and run.

I'm so busy..when should I walk?
Research has suggested that even small bouts (10 minutes each)of aerobic activity has beneficial effects on the overall health of a person. Here are a few things that I believe we can easily do to include walking in our daily life:

1. Walk instead of driving- to your nearest general store or grocery shop.
2. You can walk and talk- Pace in your cabin while talking on the phone.
3. Park your car a little further than usual and walk the difference
4. Make use of your company compound- Take a few rounds before heading home.
5. Use that park nearby- Take a stroll post dinner or jog in the mornings (whichever suits you).
6. Window shop regularly- You can walk a lot this way.

a) Carry a bottle and sip water regularly if you plan to have a brisk walk in the hot weather. This will prevent dehydration.
b) If you are a diabetic do not go on a brisk walk on an empty stomach.
c) Kindly consult your health care provider if you have any medical condition which demands attention like pain in the knees or a heart problem.