Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best snack for your day

One of my friends told me that she had this tendency of munching on junk food in between the meals. While its healthy to have between-meals snacks, it's actually counterproductive if we indulge in highly fatty, salty and sugary foods. The easiest and the best option was (and is) fruits. Fruits as snack have a multitude of advantages:

They are full of essential nutrients- From simple carbohydrates to fight off those hunger pangs to antioxidants which protect from cancer; fruits have a wide array of nutrients packed in them.

Easily available- From the street vendors to a five star hotel, fruits are available at all places.

Tasty- They are a treat for the taste buds. Sweet, sour, tangy , nutty , you name it and you get it. Not to mention that you can mix and make a fruit salad for a melody of flavours.

Guilt free snacks- With most fruits having a benefit for high fiber, dieters will not have trouble keeping their calorie intake in check.

Happy fruit snacking!!

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