Friday, March 16, 2012

Kids lunch box- tips to make them eat

All the moms go through this dilemma of - what to pack in the lunch box of my child today?? Since majority of kids carry lunch box from home. The food has to be healthy and interesting enough for the kids to eat.

Packing lunch for kids

1. Pack in an easy to eat way: Roll the roti/chapati/paranthas/dosa/ cheela in a foil with the vegetable stuffed in between like a wrap/Frankie/kathi roll. Roll each one separately. This way the kids will just tear the foil and eat along the way. Also, cut the sandwiches in 'easy to handle' sizes.

Pic from Sailu's blog

2. Include more finger foods- easier to pick for kids and less interrupting in their activities. {Eg. Bite sized idlis with ketchup or chutney, Khamman dhokla, Cheese sandwich, paneer kofta with ketchup, dabeli , vada paav, sago or sabudana vada (cutlets made of sago), medu vada etc.}
Mini sandwich Pic from here

3. Make it colorful: make food more attractive for kids by using colorful vegetables. It’ll ensure better nutrient profile also.

Pic from Little food junction

4. Cut veggies in different ways: the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables limits our choices. Use your creativity and cut them in various shapes and sizes. (eg.cookie cutters to shape slices of melons, carrots etc.)


5. Involve kids: Give them choices and let them be a part of decision making. Ask their preferences and work towards a common ground. Eg. If you pack chips then they have to eat the whole apple.

6. Improvise: Keeping the taste, health and convenience in mind, always improvise upon the recipes to suit your kids need.