Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Write your own health advice

Eating healthy diet can be a task in today's hectic urban life. Here is an easy way to move surely towards a healthy lifestyle.

Keep a journal at your bedside and just write what you ate throughout the day.
Go through it, and decide on at least one thing which you would change in the coming week ( eg. Going for an evening walk, eating more fruits, being regular at the gym or just drinking more water everyday).
This way you can easily and surely make healthy lifestyle changes in just a few weeks!!

Advantages of keeping a journal
1. It'll serve as a daily remainder for making change.
2. Help identify your diet pattern, your likes & dislikes.
3. You'll be able to make a definite step by step change.
4. It also makes you aware of your unconscious choices (like drinking more coffee than required).
5. It barely takes time (10 min.)to write it all.

I believe this layout will be a help to start with.

Target of the week:




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