Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Foods which you can live without

1. Fizzy drinks- They have been repeatedly proven to be unhealthy. They are linked to diabetes, obesity, loss of bone density, dental decay and heart diseases. Read more about them here and here

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Substitutes: Lemonade, coconut water, sparkling water, plain tap water, buttermilk

2. Alcohol- Apart from being a social nuisance, it can get very addictive and come in the way of your life. It does not incur any major health benefit , in fact it dehydrates the body and affects the liver adversely when overly used.


3. French fries- Usually found in fast food joints are loaded with trans-fat (the BAD fat) barely have any nutritional value; one can definitely live without them. If you are addicted then try healthier substitutes like this one.


4. Refined flour- It is practically devoid of all the B-complex vitamins and minerals. Whole wheat flour will work in most of the recipes demanding white flour/ maida. Refined flour produce is only good for clinical conditions where one has to take low fiber diet eg. Diarrhea, inflammation in intestine, perforation, bleeding ulcers etc.


5. Sugar- Yes, each and everyone of us can live without it! Sugar is just refined carbohydrate which we have developed a fondness for. Spare yourself and your teeth by saying NO to candies, sugar lollies, toffees, bubble gums, sweet drinks and avoiding all sugary items as far as possible.


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