Friday, September 16, 2011

Keeping teeth healthy- easy steps

Do you know that bacterial action continues upto 30 min. after you have finished your meal ??

Since we all cannot spare time to brush after every meal or snack, here are a few easy tips to combat tooth decay.

1) Get a dental check-up every year- You'll know how much help you require. You might trap the cavity before it goes bad.

2) Rinse mouth thoroughly with water after every meal.

3) Floss once a day, preferably before sleeping at night. Flossing help reduce the bacterial action at night when saliva production is low.

4) Brush your teeth twice a day preferably after meals.

[Note: Person already using fluoridated water should avoid fluoridated toothpaste - excess fluoride can cause mottling.]

5) Use a mouthwash regularly.

Remember the anti-plaque force!

6) Have a healthy diet.

7) Allow yourself some sunlight (about 15 min. in the morning) to get some Vit. D. Without actually eating!!

8) Don't smoke or chew tobacco- They remove the protective layer of the teeth.

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