Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road trip!

I've taken numerous trips with my parents from our city to my paternal town where most of our relatives lived. I used to look forward to them as it meant listening to good music, no homework and eating a lot of munchies.

Road trips often involve eating foods which we do not consume on a daily basis-candy bars ,toffees, packs of chips, bhujia(a salted savory snack), sodas & cold drinks. However, A few simple changes can make this trip a healthier one.

How to eat healthy on the road?

Plan ahead-stock up on eatables according to the mode of travel and the kind of food you might get on the way.
Here are a few healthy options you can carry along:
a) Whole (uncut) fruits like aam (mangoes), apples, amrood (guavas), litchis, narangi (oranges), bananas, nashpati(pear) etc. are easy to carry and consume.
b) A mix bag of nuts, roasted peanuts (unsalted) or roasted chana(whole gram).
c) Hard boiled eggs.
d) Packaged tomato juice and other fruit juices (without added sugar) are also a good option
e) If you have an option of ice-box then curd, buttermilk and vegetables like kakdi (cucumber), gajar (carrots), muli (radish) etc. can be carried along with the water bottles.

Buy from the road groceries- eat the fresh farm produce available with roadside grocers. A few options are watermelon slices, papita (papaya) slices, coconut, cucumber slices and fruit chaat (made from local fresh fruits).

Stopping at midway inns
a) Opt for soups or juices instead of sugary colas.
b) For an easy and healthy meal go for steamed and baked options. Have idlis(a south Indian rice cake) , a plain dosa(south Indian rice crepes) or grilled sandwiches (without mayonnaise) instead of the pooris (deep fried Indian flatbread),bhatura(soft and fluffy deep fried bread) , vadas(doughnut or disc shaped, fritter like snack) or pakodas(savoury fritters).
c) Opt for whole grain/multigrain breads, lean meats and ample amount of veggies(include tomato, cucumber, lettuce etc.) in your sandwich.
d) If you find yourself in a pizza place, go for the option with less cheese and lean meats. Order a salad alongside.

Keep your self occupied : You tend to eat more when you are bored, so click pictures, read a book, talk to a fellow traveler, listen to music, play games like dumb charades or antakshari (song game popular in India) in your tour bus.

Have a nice trip!
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