Thursday, May 5, 2011

More reasons for skipping meals

In the last post I wrote about how skipping meals has an adverse effect on health and how most people skip meals due to their busy schedule. However, that is not the only reason to miss meals. In today's context where size zero rules you are what you don’t eat. This post talks about some of these reasons and their adverse effects.

"I'm on a weight loss diet"
If you feel that by missing meal you will lose weight, then think again! If you skip meals and go hungry for a long time you'll eat more in the next meal to make up for it. Also, doing this on a regular basis, changes your food seeking behaviour. You'll be inclined to eat more sugary and fatty foods for quick satisfaction and in all probability, you might end up gaining weight instead of losing any!!

A better option to lose weight is by having small regular meals. Include low calorie foods in your diet like watery fruits (watermelon, muskmelon, papaya), vegetables (including cucumbers, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce etc.) and loads of fluids like thin buttermilk, lemonade and plain water.
Regular exercise is also a must. Remember, there are no short cuts to sustainable weight loss.  

"I have to go for a party tonight"
Saving up for a later feast is a sure way to sabotage your diet regime. It leads to overeating and you tend to store more fat because you seek high calorie foods for early satiation. Plus instead of enjoying and socializing in the party, you straight away head for the buffet table. Not polite.

Have your regular balanced meals. This way, you'll enjoy the conversation instead for being on the lookout for the starters tray.
"I can't eat"
If you are one of those people who avoid food like plague and are mortally terrified of gaining even an ounce of weight then you might be suffering from Anorexia nervosa . This is an eating disorder where the obsession of looking thin leads malnutrition. You need to see your doctor ASAP.

Sustainable weight loss cannot be acquired by skipping meals. So eat your meals on time and avoid binging on unhealthy foods.

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  1. Nice Blog.. This is what we as nutritionists we all try to explain but very few people find it interesting. Basically people think;a different advice regarding nutrition would be more effective than easy methods of small n frequent meals.
    Our subject is only regarding unveiling of the nutritional facts which exist through eras. Often this simplicity doesn't satisfy the human soul or say those whom we advise.It would take a little time to establish faith in the fact that-"GOOD always NEED NOT to be DIFFERENT!"
    Keep writing..

  2. Thanks for stopping by Shuchita.
    I appreciate and agree with your comments.