Saturday, May 28, 2011

Living alone- eat healthy

Whether its living in a hostel, staying as a paying guest or renting a pad of own; food is one of the major concern for people living alone. They often end up eating whatever they can lay their hands on.
Luckily, there are a lot of healthy foods that are widely available and can be stocked over a time period. Here are a few options:

a) Milk in tetra pack (which can be stored at room temperatures)- Its truly a full meal. With protein, carbohydrates and fats along with the required calcium.

b) Brown Bread/ whole wheat bread - They have carbs as well as fibre and are great to make those quick sandwiches. We can eat it with butter, cheese, achaar (pickle), jams, leftover veggies, boiled eggs etc.

c) Eggs - Universally known source of protein and fats. It can be prepared easily and quickly.

d) Mixed nuts (almonds, raisins, walnuts, hazelnuts)- Packed with fibers, good fats (omega 3 & 6)and various vitamins & minerals; this mix is ideal for break time munching and prevents hunger.

e) Roasted peanuts- Good source of folate, niacin, manganese, fats and energy, easily available and inexpensive. This makes for a good chow especially in winters.

f) Roasted chana, puffed rice and grounded jaggary- one of the favorite chabena (idle snacking item) of north India. Great mix with iron, proteins and energy.

g) Sherbats- Great for those summer afternoons. Anyday better than the soft drinks. Keep a bottle of Roohafza handy.

h) Skimmed Milk powder (to reconstitute milk)- Easy to store and use when milk is not available. Some versions are also fortified with iron and vitamin A.

i) Fruits - like amrood (guava), pear, santra(orange), apples and bananas can stay without refrigeration for a few days. They provide us with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

j) Curd - Rich in calcium, vitamin B12 & riboflavin and good for your gut. It can be consumed by people who are moderately lactose intolerant. Easily used to make buttermilk or lassi (sweetened buttermilk) on a hot day.

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