Sunday, October 2, 2011

4 lessons from Bollywood - reasons to Quit Alcohol

1. "daru peene se liver kharaab ho jaata hai"- Amitabh Bacchan's dialogue in Satte pe Satta

A very apt and simple statement about the effect of alcohol on liver. More people should follow this one to stay away from Alcoholic Liver disease.

2. "Phir na kehna Michael daaru pee ke danga karta hai"- Lyrics from a bollywood song

Most of the people can't "hold their drink" as the phrase goes and binge drinking leads to a more destructive scenario. In India domestic violence is a common scenario especially among the uneducated masses.

3. "main tumhare bacche ki maa banne wali hun"- Common dialogue in hindi movies.

Teenage pregnancies have seen a rise in UK due to teenage drinking. Alcohol and unprotected sex goes hand in hand. Statistics are not available for India as unmarried pregnancy is a taboo here, but rest assured, it's not uncommon.

4. "ek ke do, do ke chaar mujhko toh dikhtein hain" - lyrics from song jai jai shiv shankar

Consumption of alcohol affects your nervous system leading to vision and balance problems.

So SAY NO TO ALCOHOL in bollywood style:
"maine ek baar jo commitment kar di, uske baad main khud ki bhi nahi sunta"

(Salman in Wanted)

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