Friday, February 17, 2012

Deep frying

In the last post we discussed all the de-merits of deep fried foods. Nonetheless, we can still enjoy these foods if only we take them moderately and have good physical activity levels to burn off the excess fat consumed.

Deep frying is a technique which has to be done properly to reduce fat absorption. Appropriate cooking temperatures are important here. Each time you deep-fry, oil's smoke point is lowered irreversibly. So choosing an oil appropriate for cooking requirements is the best option.

Some useful indicators of oil deterioration are:

1. Darkening, foaming, smoking, thickening, unpleasant smell on heating and a rancid taste.

2. Loose absorbent particles accumulate as sediment at the bottom of the storage container or are suspended in the oil. Use a small strainer or slotted spoon to remove as many crumbs as possible.

3. The viscosity of oil changes; it gets denser and it pours slowly.

Tips to utilize oil effectively

1. Select oil with high smoke point if you have to reuse the oil frequently.
2. Avoid pre- heating for long time.
3. Quickly add new batches of food if making more than one 1 batch.
4. Turn off the heat as soon as last batch of food is removed.
5. Store the oil in a tightly sealed container.

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